Customized Tours

Whether you are new to Educational Opportunities Tours, or have been traveling with us for many years, the time may come when your plans for a tour don't fit into one of our standard programs. Whether it is simply the dates don't match up to your calendar, or you have a completely unique itinerary, we can work with you to make your tour a reality. Below is a list of items to consider in planning a custom tour:

1) How many people do you believe will travel with the group?

Please think about not only those choir / music group members traveling, but also family, friends and others interested in participating in the tour with your group.

2) Will everyone be traveling from the same departure city?

If not, we can have a centralized international departure city, such as New York City, and then offer domestic round trip add-ons from a city nearby for the various participants.

3) Where do you want to go? One country or multiple ones?

4) Do you have itinerary plans already in mind?

While we offer standard tour outlines, these can be customized to meet your group’s plans. Or we can build on your unique itinerary.

5) What dates do you want to travel on?

Keep in mind that while the summer is easiest on those connected with school calendars, it is also high season pricing and crowds. Late Autumn and Early Spring can offer cool temperatures but savings in cost and fewer crowds.

6) We can create Tour Host Benefits for you, based again on what you need or want for your group.

Our standard Tour Host Benefit is One Earned Tour for every Five Full Paying Passengers for Israel, while we use One for Seven in Europe. If you want to lower the price for the tour, you can use a higher ratio The least expensive would be Net Pricing that includes no benefit for the host.

7) Once we have the dates, itinerary and venues, passenger projection, and departure city(ies) established, we can create a quote for your group for approval.

If we need to change portions of the tour or benefits to create a price point more agreeable to your group, this is handled at this time.

8) Once the itinerary, dates, price and benefits have been agreed upon, EO can create a full color brochure for you to use to promote the tour.

We can include a photo and / or a message from the leader. We will print up to 500 brochures for you to distribute, as well as give you a PDF file that you can post on your website or send out in an e-mail blast.

We can also create a web page that presents the tour itinerary, a downloadable brochure, and a link to register on line with.

9) You have the option of having your people contact EO directly to register, submit payments and passport information.

This lessens your involvement in the operational process of recruiting so you can focus on the people.

If you prefer to have everyone register through your local offices and then forward this to us, we can set up your tour as no passenger contact.

10) If you have chosen for EO to have direct contact, then once folks are registered for the tour and have submitted their down payment, they will receive a "First Billing Statement” that will show their balance due, give them a set of Frequently Asked Questions, and Travel Protection Plan Information.

Approximately 2 weeks prior to travel, the passengers receive by UPS their finals packet that will include their info for the flight itinerary, hotel itinerary, final instructions, luggage tags, name badges, and a document holder.

If you choose to have all communication pass through you, then you will receive all documents, and be responsible to distribute them to your people.

11) Do you have a priest traveling with your group? Do you plan to have Mass daily? Do you have requests for Mass at certain churches?

For more information, contact:

Mark Boston
Director of Specialized Tours
Educational Opportunities
1-800-247-0017 Press "1" then EXT 289