Twenty Two Reasons to Lead a Group

  1. Lead your church members to a Closer Relations with God
  2. Help Increase Biblical Knowledge
  3. Increase Church Involvement when members return home
  4. Educate Church Teachers
  5. Build Church Leadership
  6. Provide an opportunity for an Intense Spiritual Retreat
  7. Increase church member's Confidence to Share the Gospel Story with others
  8. Provide an Intense Christian Education Experience
  9. Provide Relationship Recovery for struggling marriages and parent/child
  10. Provide an opportunity for Spiritual Restoration and Revitalization
  11. Develop Deep Christian Bonds among fellow travelers
  12. Increase Bible Study by your church members
  13. Connect with your Church Members through a unique shared experience
  14. Reach the spiritually disconnected through "experiential ministry"
  15. Enrich Individual Lives with a once-in-a-lifetime Christian experience
  16. Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other religions
  17. Develop a more Christ-like understanding of other cultures
  18. Provide an opportunity for church members to be a representative for Christ in a foreign land
  19. Christian Travel is a Resource for your Preaching and Teaching
  20. Christian Travel will help you Develop Deep Interpersonal Bonds with Church Members
  21. Christian Travel will Renew Your Own Spirit
  22. Be the Spiritual Leader during a spiritually renewing experience

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