About EO Missions

Our Mission

Low Prices…Exceptional Service…Enabling the Church to Fulfill the Call.

EO’s Missions Department provides highly discounted airfare from anywhere in the U.S.A. to destinations all over the world. Our mission is to reduce the cost of travel expenses so that more people are able to participate in missions projects, and more dollars are available to support the work of missionaries in the field. Our experienced staff are experts in their field, and provide fast, friendly, and efficient service on a consistent basis.

When travel delays, flight cancellations, and unforeseen circumstances occur, EO’s Missions Department is there with a solution. We take the worry out of travel by providing full-service support to those who have accepted the call to Missions.

Jesus said Go….you tell us where…we’ll get you there for less!

Our Vision

Vision 2020 – To Every Nation

Jesus commanded His Church to take the Gospel to all nations (Matthew 28:19-20), and our goal is to assist churches, universities, medical teams, and missions organizations in doing just that. To date we have helped to send over 65,000 people to over 154 countries around the world, but many nations still remain. As our world continues to change, we believe that God will open doors to countries that were once closed to the Gospel, providing unprecedented mission travel opportunities that were previously considered impossible.

By 2020… To Every Nation!

Core Values

EO is Ministry Focused – we provide travel opportunities with a purpose. The focus of our Missions Department is not on maximizing profits……but on minimizing costs. We pass the savings on to you, fulfilling our mission to provide highly discounted airfare for short-term mission teams.

EO is Service Oriented – the ever changing travel industry can be challenging at times. EO provides solutions to these challenges, often before a Mission Team is even aware that a problem exists. We strive to exceed expectations, and do our best to provide a hassle free travel experience.

EO is Trustworthy and Reliable – Since 1974, EO has been changing the Church, the Ministry, and Individual Lives through Christian Travel. Our organization operates with the utmost integrity, representing Christian values and character in our business practices. Tried and true for over 40 years, EO is a name you can trust.

Meet The Team

Gordon Moody

Director of Missions
EO Team Member since 1992

Marie Jeffries

Missions Travel Specialist
EO Team Member since 1993

Brenda Dobson

Missions Travel Specialist
EO Team Member since 2011

We are here to serve you!

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Fax: 863-647-4414

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Educational Opportunities Tours
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PO BOX 6098
Lakeland, FL 33807

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Educational Opportunities Tours
ATTN: Missions Dept.
5725 Imperial Lakes Blvd
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