Fr. Dwight Longenecker

Fr. Dwight Longenecker was brought up in an Evangelical home, and after taking a degree in Speech and English went to study theology at Oxford University. He was ordained as a minister in the Church of England and served there as a chaplain at Kings College, Cambridge and a country vicar. In 1995 he and his family were received into the Catholic Church. In addition to his award winning blog, he has written twenty books and booklets and thousands of articles for leading journals, magazines, papers and websites. A popular conference speaker, Fr. Longenecker is a skilled, entertaining and enthusiastic lecturer.

His book The Mystery of the Magi provides the perfect background for his lectures on the historical veracity of the New Testament. Triumphs and Tragedies—his twenty-three part podcast series on church history means these lectures will be rooted in his knowledge of the ancient world. Well traveled in Rome and the Holy Land, Fr. Longenecker will help you connect your faith with the locations of God’s work in the world. For more information visit his website at dwightlongenecker.com.

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